Period Property Reclamation and Architectural Salvage
Help with your restoration project

We provide help and guidance on period property restoration

Come and speak to us about your project and we will help where we can. We have a good stock of period property reclamation and architectural salvage and are able to provide guidance on reuse and restoration of period property features.

Reusing and Restoring Period Property Features

Expert Advice on Reusing and Restoring Period Property Reclamation 

Looking to restore your property and to maintain the look and the feel of the period features? We offer advice and guidance on reusing and restoring period property features. Often, the materials used in modern homes are unsuitable and can harm Period Properties. Come and see us and we'll help you choose suitable materials for restoring your property. 


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The Old Bath House in Bell Green, South London, houses a large collection of reclaimed items and Architectural Salvage. If you are restoring or refurbishing your home, why not stop by and have a look. Please give us call beforehand to avoid disappointment

The Old Bath House, 65 Bell Green, London SE26 5SJ, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 20 8778 6909

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